About Us

Supersox was born in 2012, but the story starts much earlier. Harsh and Vivek Saraf, our founding brothers, practically grew up in their father’s sock factory. From a young age, they watched their father, Naval Saraf, craft quality socks and they were captivated by the process.

The brothers spent countless hours learning the art of sock-making, exploring fabrics, and experimenting with designs. Their childhood memories are filled with the hum of knitting machines, the scent of fresh cotton, and the joy of creating something useful and beautiful. They always believed that a good pair of comfortable socks could transform your day. After all, socks are the first thing you put on when you step out of the house, and your long day ends when you come home and take them off. They knew that starting your day with comfortable, well-crafted socks could set a positive tone for everything that follows.

Driven by a shared passion, Harsh and Vivek decided to carry on their father’s legacy. They founded Supersox with a mission to bring the best in comfort, quality, and style to everyone’s feet. Every pair of socks we create is a testament to their dedication and love for the craft.

At Supersox, we believe in blending tradition with innovation, ensuring that each sock is crafted with care and a touch of modern flair. Join us on this journey and experience the comfort and quality that comes from decades of sock-making expertise!